I Don’t Know How—Yet

Recently, I’ve heard quite a bit about growth mindset and what that means for both students and teachers. I’ve nodded in agreement that we should all have it, but only now have I come to realize exactly what that means.

When the idea of a blogging club began to take shape, my anxious mind would not quiet. Isn’t it amazing how loud the “what ifs” can be?

What if the students realize that I don’t know how to blog?

I knew I was no expert. In fact, I was (and still am) the opposite of an expert when it comes to the world of blogging. My excitement about the club was shrouded in the uncomfortable weight of wondering whether my footing would fail. Then, it hit me. That is the whole point. Growth mindset requires us to be ok with uncomfortable. It requires us to shakily step outside of our comfort zone knowing that the possibility of failure is actually the possibility of learning.

With this in mind, how can I not step into the unknown? I would rather be empowered by the possibility of failure than be paralyzed by it. I would rather inspire my students to risk failure and learn than not. So, here we are–the CJH Bobcat Bloggers–with a sponsor who is learning right alongside her students. A teacher who still has “what ifs” rolling around in her head, only this time with a twist learned from a friend and fellow teacher.

What if the students realize that I don’t know how to blog…yet?

Well, then. How great! We will try, and we will fail, but ultimately, we will win because we’ll grow. Now, THAT’s worth blogging about!

2 thoughts on “I Don’t Know How—Yet

  1. So inspiring!! I, too, am stepping out into something I have never done before and I am feeling such a mix of intimidation and excitement! Way to go Celina Bobcats! Can’t wait to keep up with your journeys!

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