Blogging Challenge: Commenting

It’s all about commenting! All of the information you’re about to read in this post can be found in more detail on the Week 2: Let’s Learn to Comment post on the Student Blogging Challenge blog.

Before getting started on the activities, check out this video about how to make good comments!

These are the major activities for the blogging challenge this week:

  • Create a set of commenting guidelines and then create a “How to Comment” page on your blog. Think about these two questions: What type of comment is acceptable? Which type of comment will you put in the trash? Look at Darcey’s blog for a great example!
  • Practice leaving a comment on the student blogging post for this week. Include a link to your post for an activity you’ve completed this week or last week.
  • Visit 4 other blogs on this list. Leave a quality comment on one post on each blog, either on the About Me page or on another post you find interesting.
  • Write a shout-out post on your blog mentioning who you visited, which post you left a comment on and why. Include a link to the actual post on which you left a comment.
  • Ask yourself this: Will visitors to your blog find it easy to search for a post they might be interested in commenting on? Maybe you need to start using Categories and Tags or make sure you have an archive section.
  • An extra challenge: Learn about widgets and add some to your page! Click here for more information about widgets.

Happy commenting! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Blogging Challenge: Commenting

  1. I just read an article about how important commenting on other people’s blog is in growing your own readership! Great tips! I learned a lot that I’ll be using on my own website

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